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  • Is the 'Free Quote' for the work actually free?
    Yes the quote is free! I normally need to do an initial site visit to the property, which allows me to take some measurements and give you the best advice. I can then work out the quote for the work for you. There is no obligation to book once a quote has been given and there is no hard sell.
  • What does the initial property visit entail?
    Before I can do a quote, I normally visit the property where the works will be carried out. This allows me to check the existing windows/doors and carry out some measurements to work the quote out from. I also find it gives the customer a chance to meet me first and to ask any questions you might have, in person, which can be a lot easier than over the phone or by email. On average the initial site visit takes about 30 minutes.
  • Does someone need to be at the property for the initial assesmment?
    Normally its great if you can be there as it is nice to meet and discuss the windows in person. However I appreciate that sometimes due to busy schedules and work commitments it might not be possible for you to be there. So if alternative access arrangements are made e.g. on-site builders can provide access inside, then I may be able to do an initial visit without you needing to be present.
  • How much do wooden sash windows cost?
    The initial assesmment allows for a quote to be made - unfortunately providing a cost for works is really difficult without an initial site visit and discussing your requirements in more detail. The size of the windows, the materials involved, the number of windows being worked on, all has an impact on the quote price. However previous customers have told us that FORSTER TIMBER WINDOWS is competitively priced compared to other sash window firms.
  • Are uPVC or timber windows better?
    FORSTER TIMBER WINDOWS only specialises in timber windows, so I am biased! However, I personally believe nothnig beats traditional wooden sash windows and I feel it is important to maintian the heritage of your homes by using the traditional materials and keeping to the look and feel in keeping with the property's style. Although some uPVC windows are styled to look like traditional windows it is still possible to tell they are plastic and I personally believe that is a detriment to the look of a tradtional home - but I am biased as I said! It is important to also note that although uPVC windows are normally cheaper than timber windows, they do not normally last as long, and so timber windows can work out to be more cost-effective in the long run.
  • My home is a listed building - can my windows be replaced?
    Yes your windows can be replaced, however, persmission would most likely be needed from your local council before the work commences. Sometimes if it is only repairs and refurbishments then permission would not be required, but I would advise you check with your local authority/building inspector if you are unsure. Do also feel free to get in contact with any questions you have as I can help advise you further.
  • What is the difference between a sash window, a box frame window and a casement window?"
    I think people can often find it intimidating to get their windows repaired or replaced when they aren't sure what they currently have and there are several types of sash window. I have put together a handy guide to tell you about the different types of window and I hope you find it helpful - you can find out more on the CASEMENT WINDOWS & SASH WINDOWS page and I have also complied a list of terminology which you can find on the SASH WINDOW TERMINOLOGY page.
  • Do sash window repairs create lots of mess? Do you tidy up afterwards?
    The amount of mess really depends on the size of the window and the work being carried out - if the whole frame is being removed and a new window being installed then there can be a fair amount of dust as a result. I always really appreciate it when clients clear the area around the window to allow for an easier work space. I can then put dust sheets down over anything nearby to protect it as much as possible. I do like to leave a tidy work space and my previous clients have given me positive comments which you can also read on the TESTIMONIALS page.
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