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There are many reasons you might need to repair or replace your windows including the following. These are all issues I am able to help you with - please see SERVICES for further information or please do get in contact and I can arrange a free site visit as well as a free quote.

  • Areas of rot within the timber, generally found on the sills of the window frames or the bottom of the sashes

  • Unable to easily operate your existing windows

  • Draughty single-glazed windows resulting in cold rooms

  • Ill-fitting sashes resulting in rattling/ noisy windows

  • A new home extension requiring bespoke windows to match existing styles

  • Damaged panes of glass

  • Snapped or damaged sash cords

  • Windows have been painted/fixed shut - meaning they can't be used and are susceptible to rotting

  • Replacing non-traditional UPVC windows with more traditional timber windows

  •  Inaccurately weighted sashes, meaning windows often drop down


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